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The mornings have been so wonderful this week.  It’s been warm, the windows are open and the smells of green and growing fill the house.

We have had rain, not a lot but some each day…lovely.  The paddocks are green and lush and the footing in the outdoor rings is wonderful.

The only downside of this wonderful rain are mosquitos, lots and lots and lots of mosquitos.  This time of year the hatch is those teeny, small ones that bite and hurt like crazy.  Everyone (equine) has major welts on their necks and they are itchy, very itchy.  The uprights on the shelters made great scratching posts (this is a good idea except its a little hard on manes!).  Everyone gets a good dose of OFF before being turned out in the am…ah the smell of napalm in the morning.  I really hope someone doesn’t let me know how damaging inhaling mega clouds of bug repellant is to my health status…I don’t want to know! 

I brought back a mike and transmitter system for teaching from California and we all love it!  Riders ride with their headsets under their helmets and I have a wireless mike.  It is wonderful for teaching in general, very easy to teach at C and get a result with rider at A and super for teaching outside.  The riders don’t have to work so hard to hear and I don’t have to yell!! (except when something great happens and I forget and cheer! Sorry!)

Ivars, the kids and I were going to head to the moutains this weekend but the forcast is for snow.  We’ll postpone that trip and find some fun things to do around home.

Off to make clouds of DET in the stable,


(Today is Mack afternoon…yeah!)

Mack on his "pony".

A boy and his dog (Mack and Buster), playing in the pool.

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