A great Monday…

Today was going to be a great day…Ivars was coming home today.  He has been in Salmon Arm working a locum.  He loves Salmon Arm; he can ski, fish or golf (depending on the season) and work for a week or two in the mountains.  Interesting work, fun things to do and wonderful scenery.  The drive through the mountains is quite enjoyable as well.  And he’s home today…yeah!

I headed over to the stable early today as the weather was to be good in the morning and it might rain in the afternoon.  Everyone was happy to hear me arrive to feed them their breakfasts…especially Fred!  Fred is a very oral horse and likes to explore her environment with her mouth.  As I opened her stall, I burst out laughing!  She has stall mats that are like large foam planks, very supportive and cushioning, 12in X 8ft.  Over night, she had moved and stacked her mats and she now stood in the midst of what looked like a very large Jenga game.  She was now quite perplexed on how she could move around her stall to get to her breakfast!  Ahhhh, life with Fred.  Fred’s stall is put together again but I’m sure now she knows that her mats are moveable, redecorating will be part of her evening activites in the future.  I’m sure a new mat configuration will be needed for her stall…soon. 🙂 

The little silver summer car is back on the road and today it got new Michelins.  Gosh I love driving that car!  Fun.  The Red Deer show on the weekend is going to be even more fun ’cause I’ll be driving back and forth each day!  The plates on the car say PIAFFE and piaffe is what it feels like!

The day was lovely and Ivars is home tonight!!!!


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