Great weekend ahead!

Well it’s hump day and the week is coming along quite nicely!!

All the horses are working very well and everyone is back on track here at home.  It was a really big deal for everyone here at home while Lindsey and I were away in California.  Both FCS coaches were filling in their continuing education credits on their resumes for 3 months of intensive work at Arroyo Del Mar, S Peters Dressage.  Over the last month of being back at home, we’ve gotten everyone back on track and headed into the summer’s work with renewed enthusiasm and deeper understanding of the work ahead.  It was a big sacrifice for everyone but the rewards in the long term will be wonderful.

The weather forcast for the weekend is going to be lovely (and long term for next weekend is even nicer…yeah for the Red Deer show!!) so we should have a wonderful Test Rehearsal Day on Saturday.  Both outdoor rings are feeling great and the bit of rain forecasted for today will be great for the footing.

We’ll start the day on Saturday with Lindsey riding her horses very early in the morning (3 horses, schooling 3 tests) and then we’ll get out the mats and at 1oam she’ll start a Pilates class.  A great way to start any day!  Test riding for the rest of the day.  (maybe even get the camera working again!)

Early start today…today is Mack Day!!!! 🙂


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