Oh man…rain :)

This week really has been all about the weather.  We finally got some rain, much needed and much appreciated by all!  The temps were very pleasant but it really was difficult to fully enjoy being outside with the gale force winds that were here all week.  I’ve set up the outdoor dressage ring but played it safe by using jump poles and cavelletti instead of the “official ring”.  Those little white fences wouldn’t have stayed up for 2 seconds in that wind!  We still have to set up the letter boxes a couple of times a day and the wind has died down today!

The rain has greened up all the paddocks and everyone has taken to grazing as a serious full-time activity.  Even William thinks a big, green paddock is just where he wants to be each morning.  He’ll even ignore Grace to graze!

I haven’t taken the camera out of the bag since we got home.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day to get some photos.  That camera is such a great training tool and I really miss not having the shots from our lessons to mull over each evening.  It really is hard to coach and handle the camera!  Another reason I really miss Shannon!!!  (I have a list of reasons, a long list!)  Maybe I’ll find a spare set have hands to run the camera in the morning…Barb?

Off to organize dinner with the kids,


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