Lovely days…

These last couple of days have been so amazing.  We gotten so much done around the farm and everything is headed in the right direction; ready for the spring weather and summer fun!

The weather really has felt like San Diego in Feb/March.  Temps here are the same but the sun is a little hotter in California.  It is really nice to have Alberta  long days and twilight.  Who knew we would homesick for twilight so much!  Later sunsets really extend evening hours here…lovely.

Our horses are going well and love being turned out on the newly sprouting grass in their paddocks. 

The outdoor rings are great to ride on but boy do we need rain!  We’re going to have to figure out a watering system for the outdoor rings…”Honey, I have a problem for you to work on!!!”  I’m so glad we have a well stocked hay stack.  I think finding hay is going to be an issue again this year.

We’ve planned a Test Rehearsal Day for Saturday, May 01.  We’ll have the BBQs out for lunch and make a day of it.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll be outside but if not the indoor ring will be great as well.  Mother’s Day weekend we’ll be in Red Deer at the Young Rider’s show…lovely couple of weekends planned.

Pilates with Lindsey will start up very soon.  Dressage Camp is planned for summer…dates to follow.

My house is full of tiny finger prints and grass stains as Mack explores the farm with Grandma and Grandpa…what could be lovelier!!!!

Time to tackle the work on my desk!


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