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With Vickie headed home for the week I had good intentions of cleaning up a few things with the horses so that she could see big improvements. Unfortunately, life had other plans and I ended up sick on Monday afternoon with either a stomach bug or food poisoning….ugh! Thank goodness for Kim, Megan, Emma and Ava for taking such great care of the horses while I was home in bed. Thanks girls!!

I headed back to the barn today still a bit green and made it through the day on Gatorade and pretzels from Shannon’s mom, Margaret.  Kim rode in the morning and she had an amazing ride. Kim and Walker have made such big improvements in their time down here….They look great!! I had a lesson with Shannon on Lance and put light rides on the others. Thankfully it is very warm here today so they were all happy to have a bit of a lighter day in the heat. Hopefully, I will feel up to full work tomorrow.  I’m feeling the pressure to fit in as much as possible in our last weeks in California.

Vickie is back on Friday and it looks like the weather will stay nice for her return!


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The best show so far!

Friday was a pretty tough day.  All Lindsey’s rides were good but not good enough.  She has worked so hard every day down here and Friday’s rides were so close to where we want to be…but not quite.  When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.

Friday night was a lot of discussion of where we are, where we want to be and then some strategies on how to get to our goal.  Our plan on being here, immersed in dressage central and training with Shannon was to increase our skills (coaching and riding) to be able to acheive our long term goals.  The 4 CDIs are part of our plan to increase our experience in International competition.  Getting good scores were part of the plan.  Lindsey assessment on Friday’s work was, as usual, insightful.  We set out plans for Saturday’s warmups for each horse.  There is one big piece of the puzzle that needed to be highlighted and honed.  I won’t bore you with details but everyone is going to working soooo hard when we get back…shine your boots girls, we have information to share!!!!

Saturday’s warmups were amazing.  The morning rides had a couple of bobbles but Lance’s ride was the best so far!  Intermediare One, they finished 6th, just out of the ribbons.

I head home for 4 days tomorrow.  Shannon and Lindsey will have a great week ahead.  I’m very excited to return and see the results of upcoming week. 

Kim had a great lesson today and she and Linds have their homework list for the week.  Alex was great today and it’ll be exciting to see what he looks like when I get back on Friday.

Fred, heading to the warmup, Team Peters on one side of the alleyway, Debbie MacDonald's barn on the other.

Fred, once around the ring, Fourth Level.

Shannon and Vickie.

So looking forward to being home for a couple of days…just don’t think about the piles of work waiting!!!!!

Gonna be a good day…


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Day one

Thanks Barb for the great photos!!!

Pug alert.

Fred in the warmup ring.

Freddie in the test

Freddie in extended canter

William getting ready

Ava and the Ring Steward having a nap

Lance and a heron in the warm-up ring

Lance once around the CDI ring

Off to the show grounds, almost sun up…gonna be a great day.


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Jog done, first day of the show today.

The weather was great and everyone warmed up super.  Tom (PT with magic fingers) worked on Fred before her ride and that was a good plan…she really apprieciated the extra warm up!  William is a tired young stallion (a good thing for young horses!!!) and will have a short warm up today.  Lance is feeling great and likes the covered arena.  Fred and William ride in the morning and Lance’s class is in the afternoon today.

This is a fantastic show!  Well layed out, horse friendly and sooooo well organized.  The show office experience was very pleasant…lovely. 

Fred at Del Mar Show Park...I5 in the background.

William in ring 2 at Show Park.


Lance warming up in ring one, the covered arena.


Shannon and I, working with Linds and Lance in the covered.

Megan, Kim, Emma and Ava...good horse show babies!!

Lance finishing off the lesson well!!!

Gonna be a great day today!!!!


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Jog today…

Everyone got tucked into their show stalls last night and settled in nicely.  Fred had a little panic moment when she thought we had moved William somewhere but she composed herself once we assured her she needed to be a good girl…our girl is growing up!!!!  Today’s tentative plans are to ride with Shannon later in the am.  The jog is at 3pm so we’ll fit everyone else in around those times.  (We’re 10 minutes from Arroyo)

The show grounds are super; 4 competition rings, 3 outdoor, one covered (the CDI ring).  The CDI ring has it’s own warm up ring  and the open show rings share one big warm up area. 

We’ll have a busy day today but are really enjoying staying “at home” for the show.  We have normally had the motorcoach at each show but decided it would be more convienient (less drivers!!) if we didn’t bring it with us for the last two shows.  We missed it!!!  This show is no packing (not forgetting anything), being able to wash laundry each evening and coming home each night to our own beds! 

Our Fred...growing up.

Hope the wind dies down today…gonna be a great day!


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On the road again…

Ride everyone, load up Lance, Fred and William, drive to the Del Mar Showgrounds, tuck them in their show stalls, dinner, bed.  There’s the day. 

We were going to make it easier on ourselves yesterday and set up all the stalls at the show grounds on the way home but as we were loading the truck the latch on the tailgate wouldn’t stay closed.  We loaded what we thought would stay in the back of the truck and slowly drove to the show grounds.  From the stop at a light, (headed up hill) we lost the large feed tub.  Nothing broke open and we retrieved it, plunked in back into the truck and carried on.  (Peter is laughing his head off at us…we are such girls…tons of tie downs, tons of bungies in the truck and we lose something off the back!!!!…. 😛 )  Left feed and the large hay bales at our tack stall at the show and then speedily headed to the nearest Chev dealer to see if there was a fix they could help us with late in the day.  (The tailgate has to stay latched when hitched to the trailer or it is toast when you turn a corner.)  Hooray, nothing $250 won’t fix!  We now have a working tailgate!!!!  That means Peter and Linds won’t have to fix it with bungie cords on the way home!!!  The Chev dealership was wonderful and worked overtime to fix the problem and get us on the road for today.  The truck will need a check up before the long trip home so it definitely will go back to them next week.

Peter’s perspective of the morning from the end of the camera lens…he was in the air, headed home, at noon.

Fred and Lance, early am

Lance, waiting for peppermints.

Lindsey, on a very windy Tuesday.

And Lance learns how to half pass...

Thanks Peter for your handling of the camera today!  See you in three weeks in LA!

Gonna be a great day…



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This blog takes a lot of time out of my life.  I get it done in the early morning hours while enjoying the sunrise.  The photos are a big part and I take a lot of shots (at 40 frames/sec it’s not hard to fill up a 4GB card or two!!).  Fire up the laptop, log on, sit down with a cup of tea, start writing, organize the photos, deal with glitches in trying to upload text and photos, start again (ugh!!!) and finally publish.  Somehow this record keeps everyone a little closer to us while we’re so far away.  It  is a small way thank everyone at home for being so supportive to this journey. 

Courtney King-Dye’s accident has left me quite sorrowful.  The outpouring of sorrow and concern from dressage riders around NA has been understandable…a wonderful young rider and trainer, such a bright future ahead, a tragic accident.  

Helmet wearing is not a flag waving concern that we proselytize.  We just made the decision years ago to wear our helmets.  It makes sense to us.  Photos on this blog of Kim and Lindsey, both accomplished riders, riding very broke horses and wearing helmets daily has led some riders that read about us to make the decision to ride with head protection.  Thank you for letting me know of your decision.  Kinda makes the early morning hours in front of my laptop a little more consequential.

Gonna be a great day…tests today!


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