We’re 90% packed (or so).

We spent a dirty, dusty, hot day yesterday packing.  Feed is organized for the show and the trip.  The tack trunks are ready to load after our rides today, Monday and Tuesday am.  We’ll be on the road to Burbank by 9am Tuesday.  We pulled everything out of the trailer and re-organized from the bottom up…some things accessable for the show…some we need only for loading on the transport after the show.  I was really sceptical whether we would get everything back into the tack room of the trailer but should have trusted packer extraordinaire Lindsey!  Everything went in with space to spare.  I’m sure glad we’re going to have help unloading it in Burbank!!!  (tank tops are great ’cause our biceps barely fit into normal shirts!!! ha)

The next big pack up is the coach.  We’ll start today and finish as we get it ready for Curtis and Barb to drive it to LA Equestrian Center.  Coach, trailers (5 horses), car (Curtis and Barb’s) on a caravan north on Tuesday am.  We should have Canadian flags on the windows!

Light ride today on everyone.  Walker is on the list as Kim and Ed and the girls are having dinner with the princesses in Disneyland.  They’ll meet us in Burbank on Tuesday!

The sun is up…off to the stable…


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