Getting ready for LA…

We’ve had a heavy week so far and the horses will all love their day off on Saturday! 

Saturday is the major “pack everything day” and try and fit it into our vechicles!  Everything has to go to LA and then be put on the transport with all 5 horses on Easter Sunday.  Luckily we’ll have lots of help once we get to LA as Ed arrived yesterday, Curtis and Barb will be here Monday (they’re driving the coach to the horse show), Peter will fly in on Good Friday (he and Lindsey are driving the truck and trailer back home), and Ivars also arrives Friday to LAX (we’re driving the motorcoach home).  We’ll all be on the road after loading the horses on Sunday.  Ed, Kim and the girls will head to Las Vegas and home, Curtis and Barb are heading home with a quick stop to visit Brayden (and oh yeah, Ali and Les) in Calgary, Peter and Lindsey will stop at Moab, Utah for some major cycle time for Peter and then on to visit Brayden in Calgary and Ivars and I head to Napa and the wineries for a couple of days before the big push home.  The horses will be home late Tuesday and we all should be just behind them and arrive on the weekend.  The horses will really enjoy being turned out for a couple of days before back to work again!

The Canadians heading into the ring to work with Shannon and Steffen. Lindsey and Lance, Ashleigh Luca-Tyson and Uniek.

Lindsey and Ashleigh working with Shannon and Steffen.

Lance and Linds.

Lance learning to trot like a big boy.

Today is going to be busy. 

Kim is fighting a cold and packing to head to Disneyworld tomorrow.  The girls have the trip all planned and are very excited!!!  Everyone will work hard today and have some turnout time as well.

Off to Arroyo…


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