I love mornings…

The mornings here are spectacular…warm, sunny, calm.  The afternoons are a totally different matter…windy, hazy, cold.  I got spoiled last week with the wonderful spring weather in Alberta…nothing like spring time in the Rockies! 

Alex in the morning sun yesterday.


Lance...aka "Rockstar" at his afternoon lesson with Shannon.


We are making the most of our last week here at Arroyo.  Our lessons with Shannon, that have always been so important, have taken on even more urgency because of the tight time line.  Occasionally I look back on where we were to where we are now and am so thankful for this experience.  The learning has been so much more than I expected.  Whew…we’ve planned a “summary assessment meeting” sometime next weekend.  We’ll sit down with Shannon and plan out the next steps for each horse.  Hopefully Shannon is going to like the San Deigo-Edmonton flight schedules!!! 

The big task will be to pack everything up to head to the Burbank show.  It’s going to be very tight to get all our gear to LA…5 horses need a lot of tack, clothes and feed!!!! We both are going to have great “guns” by the time we finish lifting and hauling and packing everything! 

Another beautiful morning ahead… 


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