A wonderful day…

Boy we had a good day yesterday!  A day off for the horses and it was warm and sunny and lightly breezy…a wonderful day!

We started the day late as we needed to wait for the repair mechanic for the Vespa to arrive and pick up a very sad bright yellow Vespa.  The Vespa had died with Ivars and I while on a trip to Sunday brunch early January and yesterday was the first day I could arrange to be here to have someone deal with it.  The mechanic was a Vespa  genius and didn’t even need to take it off the carrier on the back of the coach to fix it!  Zip, zam, zooie it started and purred quietly with still 1/2 tank of fuel left.  We pulled it off the carrier and he showed me the easy way to get it off the double kick stand!  We have new wheels now!!!  The Vespa is now stowed back on the carrier on the back of the coach, ready for the LA show and Napa!

While we were waiting for the Vespa man to arrive, we got caught up on chores around here to get the coach on the road.  Cleaning, sorting, packing, defrost the fridge…(we really have exciting lives!!!).  Kim and the girls followed us to the Chev dealership.  We dropped off the truck for servicing for the long trip home.  Off to the stable…

Everyone got hand walked, fed and a good pat.  They all were quite tired.  We stopped at the shoemaker on the way home and Kim will now have zippers in her boots on Thursday.  We picked up the truck and headed for a late lunch/early dinner on a lovely patio in the sunshine.  A wonderful way to end a lovely day.

The weather promises to be just as lovely today.  The sunshine and warm weather is quite a change from the last 2 months and we are thoroughly enjoying every minute.

Today is another “shorts” day…


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