With Vickie headed home for the week I had good intentions of cleaning up a few things with the horses so that she could see big improvements. Unfortunately, life had other plans and I ended up sick on Monday afternoon with either a stomach bug or food poisoning….ugh! Thank goodness for Kim, Megan, Emma and Ava for taking such great care of the horses while I was home in bed. Thanks girls!!

I headed back to the barn today still a bit green and made it through the day on Gatorade and pretzels from Shannon’s mom, Margaret.  Kim rode in the morning and she had an amazing ride. Kim and Walker have made such big improvements in their time down here….They look great!! I had a lesson with Shannon on Lance and put light rides on the others. Thankfully it is very warm here today so they were all happy to have a bit of a lighter day in the heat. Hopefully, I will feel up to full work tomorrow.  I’m feeling the pressure to fit in as much as possible in our last weeks in California.

Vickie is back on Friday and it looks like the weather will stay nice for her return!


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