The best show so far!

Friday was a pretty tough day.  All Lindsey’s rides were good but not good enough.  She has worked so hard every day down here and Friday’s rides were so close to where we want to be…but not quite.  When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.

Friday night was a lot of discussion of where we are, where we want to be and then some strategies on how to get to our goal.  Our plan on being here, immersed in dressage central and training with Shannon was to increase our skills (coaching and riding) to be able to acheive our long term goals.  The 4 CDIs are part of our plan to increase our experience in International competition.  Getting good scores were part of the plan.  Lindsey assessment on Friday’s work was, as usual, insightful.  We set out plans for Saturday’s warmups for each horse.  There is one big piece of the puzzle that needed to be highlighted and honed.  I won’t bore you with details but everyone is going to working soooo hard when we get back…shine your boots girls, we have information to share!!!!

Saturday’s warmups were amazing.  The morning rides had a couple of bobbles but Lance’s ride was the best so far!  Intermediare One, they finished 6th, just out of the ribbons.

I head home for 4 days tomorrow.  Shannon and Lindsey will have a great week ahead.  I’m very excited to return and see the results of upcoming week. 

Kim had a great lesson today and she and Linds have their homework list for the week.  Alex was great today and it’ll be exciting to see what he looks like when I get back on Friday.

Fred, heading to the warmup, Team Peters on one side of the alleyway, Debbie MacDonald's barn on the other.

Fred, once around the ring, Fourth Level.

Shannon and Vickie.

So looking forward to being home for a couple of days…just don’t think about the piles of work waiting!!!!!

Gonna be a good day…


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