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Jog done, first day of the show today.

The weather was great and everyone warmed up super.  Tom (PT with magic fingers) worked on Fred before her ride and that was a good plan…she really apprieciated the extra warm up!  William is a tired young stallion (a good thing for young horses!!!) and will have a short warm up today.  Lance is feeling great and likes the covered arena.  Fred and William ride in the morning and Lance’s class is in the afternoon today.

This is a fantastic show!  Well layed out, horse friendly and sooooo well organized.  The show office experience was very pleasant…lovely. 

Fred at Del Mar Show Park...I5 in the background.

William in ring 2 at Show Park.


Lance warming up in ring one, the covered arena.


Shannon and I, working with Linds and Lance in the covered.

Megan, Kim, Emma and Ava...good horse show babies!!

Lance finishing off the lesson well!!!

Gonna be a great day today!!!!


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