Jog today…

Everyone got tucked into their show stalls last night and settled in nicely.  Fred had a little panic moment when she thought we had moved William somewhere but she composed herself once we assured her she needed to be a good girl…our girl is growing up!!!!  Today’s tentative plans are to ride with Shannon later in the am.  The jog is at 3pm so we’ll fit everyone else in around those times.  (We’re 10 minutes from Arroyo)

The show grounds are super; 4 competition rings, 3 outdoor, one covered (the CDI ring).  The CDI ring has it’s own warm up ring  and the open show rings share one big warm up area. 

We’ll have a busy day today but are really enjoying staying “at home” for the show.  We have normally had the motorcoach at each show but decided it would be more convienient (less drivers!!) if we didn’t bring it with us for the last two shows.  We missed it!!!  This show is no packing (not forgetting anything), being able to wash laundry each evening and coming home each night to our own beds! 

Our Fred...growing up.

Hope the wind dies down today…gonna be a great day!


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