On the road again…

Ride everyone, load up Lance, Fred and William, drive to the Del Mar Showgrounds, tuck them in their show stalls, dinner, bed.  There’s the day. 

We were going to make it easier on ourselves yesterday and set up all the stalls at the show grounds on the way home but as we were loading the truck the latch on the tailgate wouldn’t stay closed.  We loaded what we thought would stay in the back of the truck and slowly drove to the show grounds.  From the stop at a light, (headed up hill) we lost the large feed tub.  Nothing broke open and we retrieved it, plunked in back into the truck and carried on.  (Peter is laughing his head off at us…we are such girls…tons of tie downs, tons of bungies in the truck and we lose something off the back!!!!…. 😛 )  Left feed and the large hay bales at our tack stall at the show and then speedily headed to the nearest Chev dealer to see if there was a fix they could help us with late in the day.  (The tailgate has to stay latched when hitched to the trailer or it is toast when you turn a corner.)  Hooray, nothing $250 won’t fix!  We now have a working tailgate!!!!  That means Peter and Linds won’t have to fix it with bungie cords on the way home!!!  The Chev dealership was wonderful and worked overtime to fix the problem and get us on the road for today.  The truck will need a check up before the long trip home so it definitely will go back to them next week.

Peter’s perspective of the morning from the end of the camera lens…he was in the air, headed home, at noon.

Fred and Lance, early am

Lance, waiting for peppermints.

Lindsey, on a very windy Tuesday.

And Lance learns how to half pass...

Thanks Peter for your handling of the camera today!  See you in three weeks in LA!

Gonna be a great day…



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3 responses to “On the road again…

  1. Lance looks fantastic! I always enjoy your pictures and I must say I am covetting your weather and your trainer at the moment as well. [: Good luck with everything!

  2. Tracy D.

    All the horses look super BUT Fred looks like a big girl now.. ahhhhhh

    Good luck at the show.

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