This blog takes a lot of time out of my life.  I get it done in the early morning hours while enjoying the sunrise.  The photos are a big part and I take a lot of shots (at 40 frames/sec it’s not hard to fill up a 4GB card or two!!).  Fire up the laptop, log on, sit down with a cup of tea, start writing, organize the photos, deal with glitches in trying to upload text and photos, start again (ugh!!!) and finally publish.  Somehow this record keeps everyone a little closer to us while we’re so far away.  It  is a small way thank everyone at home for being so supportive to this journey. 

Courtney King-Dye’s accident has left me quite sorrowful.  The outpouring of sorrow and concern from dressage riders around NA has been understandable…a wonderful young rider and trainer, such a bright future ahead, a tragic accident.  

Helmet wearing is not a flag waving concern that we proselytize.  We just made the decision years ago to wear our helmets.  It makes sense to us.  Photos on this blog of Kim and Lindsey, both accomplished riders, riding very broke horses and wearing helmets daily has led some riders that read about us to make the decision to ride with head protection.  Thank you for letting me know of your decision.  Kinda makes the early morning hours in front of my laptop a little more consequential.

Gonna be a great day…tests today!


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