Week to Del Mar CDI

The schedule heading into Del Mar CDI is set.  

Today is schooling with Shannon…Lance and Fred (Lindsey and I will get William going ), lesson with Kim and schooling Alex.  I’m not sure how much rain they got at Arroyo last night…the covered arena could be very, very crowded today.  Tuesday and Wednesday are test riding days.  Tuesday is farrier day for Alex and Walker.  Wednesday afternoon we’ll haul Lance, Fred and William to the Del Mar show grounds.  The jog is Thursday for the CDI.  There will be 22 horses going to this show from S Peters Dressage.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the show days.  We have scheduled our horses to be finished showing Saturday evening so we can get them back to their stalls and they can have a rest day on Sunday.  Alex and Walker will have Friday and Saturday off. 

Monday I head back to Alberta to get caught up for the month (back in San Diego on Friday).  Monday, Lindsey will deal with the FEI vet to update all the FEI passports and deal with export papers for our trip back home…we’ll be leaving from the last CDI in LA.  The horses get on the truck with Thompson’s on Easter Sunday and 2 days later will be home in their stalls.  We can’t stop to contemplate leaving here as we still have our eye on the last two shows ahead of us.

Heading out into the sogginess…again,


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