Rain, rain and more rain.

Kim had a lesson in the morning, lunged Alex and hand walked the rest of them all before the rain hit yesterday.  Lindsey and Peter had lunch at the Hash House (mega portions, good food) and then they picked me up at the stable.  We spent the afternoon sightseeing (Coronado Bridge) and bike shops.  Peter couldn’t ride yesterday so we found the newest “Lance” shirt at the Trek Superstore.  He’ll be the envy of all at his spin class when he gets home!  We took Peter to the Oceanside pier and Ruby’s for early dinner.

Peter and Linds went to a movie and I stayed and battened down the hatches in the motorcoach.  The monsoon hit and I was cozy and warm watching the floods of rain pour down around the RV park.  The amount of water that comes down is really stunning;  rivers running everywhere and everything overflowing.   Today is down jacket weather and maybe even my toque!!!

Today is walk day for Lance, Fred and William.  Walker and Alex will go to work in the covered.  Sunday’s are very quiet around Arroyo so the covered will not be very busy.

Shannon gave me a lead on a one way communication headset for coach and rider.  It is a wonderful way to teach.  Quiet, very concentrated and very immediate for the rider.  The unit arrived yesterday and Kim and I broke it in…a great lesson!  Today we’ll use it for each lesson.  Thank you Shannon for letting me borrow yours over the last weeks…I love my new headset!

Kim's lesson on Friday...new snaffle reins...looking good!

The camera we use everyday is a great tool for analyzing the work for Kim, Lindsey and I.  The camers takes 40 frames/second at 7.2 megapixels and has a 20X zoom.  It makes it very easy to find photos to publish for the blog but more importantly at the end of each day we can frame by frame analyze rider and horse, movement by movement.  Daily video would not be as instructive (maybe in Slow Mo?).  I love this camera!

Technical shot...sitting on left seat bone and turning Lance...a hard, hard techique on a big moving horse!


Heading into the rainy day…grab your toques!!!



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