Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

Upping the work…

The work on all five horses has been amazing this week.  We are going home in April with a full toolbox of skills, thanks to Shannon.  This fast track learning has been hard work but so exciting.  It is going to be so wonderful to pass on the knowledge we have learned …look out girls…you’re going to be working hard next month!!!

Linds and Fred

And Fred is really learning to trot!!!!

As I sit and write this morning, I am overwhelmed with concern for a young and upcoming American rider, Courtney King-Dye who is unconscious in a Florida hospital with a head injury.  She was riding a young horse and the horse slipped and fell.  She hit her head.   A slow motion accident.  Riding horses is inherently dangerous at many levels…large animal, somewhat unpredictable situations, the ground is very hard when hit from a fall from over 6ft up.  Helmets are not part of our culture as dressage riders.  I don’t know what will change everyone’s outlook on head (read brain) protection.  I have an uneasy feeling each day watching the many bright and wonderful riders riding without a helmet horse, after horse, after horse.

Well wishes to a young woman in ICU  in Florida…



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