Holy smoke…great lessons with Shannon!

Fred, then William, with Shannon, in the morning sun…stunning! 

Last week, I really thought  that Lindsey was on the brink of a big breakthrough in her riding and it happened yesterday morning!  Shannon upped the work and Lindsey rode her darndest and there it was!!!  Linds then continued the process on Walker, Alex and ended the day with a light, amazing ride on Lance.  Today is going to be so exciting!  I was too involved in each lesson and I left the camera in the tack box…today I’ll bring it along to the rings.  I very neglectfully forgot to thank Barb for her camera skills at the last show…sorry Barb, thank you so much for having the camera ready all weekend for some great shots!  I miss you!!!

Kim had the best ride ever on Walker yesterday.  He was tough, she was tougher!  A fun ride!  Kim found a Pilates studio near Arroyo that the girls had a dance class at the same time as her workout.  Kim had a great day yesterday…all before noon!  Her mom arrives today so her lesson will be first on the list of 5, early in the am.  Her mom is flying direct from the Olympics so we should get the inside track from Vancouver!

Alex is firing on all cylinders and we’ll keep putting him to the test in the big ring this week.

The rain is supposed to hold out till the weekend.  Good for us as we can use the big ring…bad for Peter…he arrives Friday and really wants to get on his bike and try out some of the trails.  Keeping our fingers crossed the weatherman is wrong and he’ll get some good, two-wheeling fun while he’s here!!!

Well…off to another great ride day (as long as Lindsey’s abs hold out!!).


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