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Our first show done.

Lance and Lindsey, Intermediare One, 62%, great ride, 10th place.  First show done and now back to training and get ready for Burbank CDI at the end of February.  This was a great way to start our show season.  The show was close to home (3 hours away), we had lots of help from family (thanks Barb, Curtis, Archie, Ali and Baby Brayden!).  Although William and Fred didn’t get to compete, they worked well and they’ll get a turn to come down center line next show.

We left Thermal about noon and arrived at Arroyo before sundown.  It was good to unload the horses and unpack the trailer in daylight.  We’re still getting used to no twilight and planning our day around early sunsets!  Now to deal with mounds of laundry here at the coach and at the stable…on the list for today…

We’ll work Alex this morning and then Kim and Walker will have a lesson.  Maybe, if the paddocks have dried out, they’ll all be able to get some turnout in the afternoon???!!! 

I’m headed back to Alberta tomorrow and will be back in Del Mar on Friday.  Sooooo looking forward to seeing my family!!!  A couple of days at home will let me tackle the stacks of stuff that have grown on my desk for the last month and pat all the ponies we had to leave behind.  It’ll be a couple of very full days at home, lots of lessons, lots of catching up and lots of hanging out with kids and hubby!

Gonna be quiet day…hope the sun shines!


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A day of ups and downs…but a good day.

We arrived at the show grounds found our time for Lance’s PSG test and then tackled the problem of ride times for Fred and William. 

It seems the show office received all three entries but the CDI people stapled Fred and William’s Open show entries to Lance’s entry.  They processed Lance’s but missed Fred and William’s.  Unfortunately they charged Lindsey credit card for all three.  They could not seem to find any times for us to show in the open show for Friday but found a time for Fred on Saturday morning.  The time slot would not work as Lance’s class was running at that time as well.  Sooooo…what to do…Fred and William will just school at this show and we’ll focus on Lance and the CDI.  Very disappointing to be here and not show all three horses.  This show committee needs the expertise of Shelagh Holmes!!!!  I guess this being the first CDI here there are bumps to be worked out but too bad we got 2 horses left out of the whole show!!  We were doing the zen thing and we just let go the frustration and focused on showing one horse!!!

Lance and Lindsey had a great warmup in the indoor CDI warmup ring with Shannon.  They headed down centre line and both did a great job.  61%, ninth place, Gunter and Steffen, first and second place, 69% and 68%.  I’m so proud of Linds and Lance, first show in 8 months and after all Lance’s issues in Decemeber…good job Linds, good boy Lance!

Today is Lance and his Intermediare One test at 9:38am.  We’ll finish up around noon so we’re going to head back to Del Mar early and maybe I’ll be able to get an early flight back home tomorrow instead of Monday!!  Gonna be another good day!!!


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Jog done…on to the show.

Today is Day One of the show. 

We arrived Wednesday, unpacked, spent the day getting all the horses acclimatized to the show grounds.  Thursday we presented Lance to the FEI vet who inspected him in the barn in the morning. Later in the day, Lindsey walked and trotted him in front of a panel of inspectors (judges and vets).  The panel watches the horses move to assure themselves of the soundness of the horses to compete in the CDI the next day. 

After the jog, the show committee draws names to place the order of go for the rides in the CDI classes.  The PSG class (Lance’s class) will run from 9 to 11:30 am today.  At the end of the day yesterday we hadn’t yet heard the order of go yet so we’ll head to the show early and find the ride times posted at the show office. 

The show office seemed quite swamped all day and they hadn’t had time to work on the schedule for the Open show so we still don’t have times for Fred or William’s rides yet as well.  We’re just going to wing it today! 

Barb, watching Lindsey's lesson with Shannon.

Lindsey and Lance walking around the outdoor "Open Show" rings.

Lindsey and Lance in the indoor "CDI Show" ring.

Lindsey and Lance, ready for the jog.

William and Fred worked very well yesterday (Fred and Linds worked with Shannon just after lunch) and they are both ready to ride down centre line…if we can get ride times!!!!

It was a wonderful day yesterday and gonna be another today!


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Off to Thermal.

We worked Alex and Walker early am and then loaded the horses and were on the road from Del Mar to Thermal before 9.  About 2 1/2 hours later we arrived at the show grounds in Thermal.  Amazing facilities, lots and lots of jumpers!

Following Shannon out of Del Mar Wednesday am.

Travelling though the mountains.

The windmills at Palm Springs!

Linds and Lance, lesson with Shannon in the indoor (all CDI classes in the indoor)

Today is the vet inspection and the jog for Lance…gonna be a great day!!!!


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Hello Thermal…

Trailer packed, horses ready, early start today!

We’ll work Walker and Alex in the am and then we’re on the road.  Lessons with Shannon at the show.  We still haven’t heard from the show secretary whether we are entered or not…being the eternal optimist we’ll take them all and hope for the best!!  The weather forecast is great, sunny (no rain…yeah!!!!) and warm. 

Next report from the desert…


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So show week eh???

Thanks to my son Greg, we got rid of the virus on my laptop.  Yeah Greg!!!!  It took a couple of hours but it’s up and running, full steam.  When we arrived at the stable yesterday we heard of 4 or 5 computers that were taken to the Geek Squad at Best Buy to fix the same virus problem.  All from the website for the Thermal show…ugh…who would spend the time to hack a dressage show website????!!!!  Craziness. 

Lindsey checked her email first thing in the am yesterday and there was an attachment from the show secretary with ride times for the National show at Thermal.  Yeah ride times…we can plan our days at Thermal…boo…William and Fred are nowhere to be found on the list.  We spent the day trying to track down someone to speak with to get this corrected.  Lance is in the CDI, we had received confirmation on his entry, so they must have Fred and William’s somewhere in the office…they came in the same envelope, same cheque.  Hopefully we can get this cleared up today.  I’m sure with their website difficulties, they must be swamped with questions! 

Horses all went well today.  And no rain!!!  Yeah!!!  No turnout yet as the paddocks are still too wet.  They might be able to get out today but I think it’ll just be a big hand walk day for Lance and William.  Fred will have a light stretchy ride, Kim and Walker will have a lesson and Alex will go to work (he gets better each day, yeah Alex). 

Lance and Linds schooling pirouettes with Shannon.


Schooling tempis with Shannon

William, playing in the big sand box...good boy!

Fingers crossed we get the Thermal entries sorted out today… 


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Show week!!!

Yesterday they all worked well in the covered.  Shannon will be back today so they’re all ready for some Peters tuning this am.  Lance gave me a bit of a scare last week but has recovered and is feeling just fine!  Fred and William worked lightly this weekend and are on schedule for show week.

Ride everyone and lessons today.  

Tuesday is bath and hair dos (manes and tails).  First a  lesson with Kim and Walker, ride Alex and then a light ride on Fred.  We’ll also fully load the trailer with everything for the show but the horses.  Praying for no rain!!!

Wednesday we haul to Thermal.  About 3 hours or so over the mountains and into the desert.  Early morning lesson with Kim and Walker, ride Alex and we should be on the highway around 11am.  That timing should get us around the worst of the traffic here and into the desert.

Ava is 4 today (we had BDay cake last night!) so Kim, Ed, Emma and Ava are off to Sea World today.  I sure hope Ava gets to pet a dolphin, she’s got her heart set on it!  Happy Birthday Ava, hope you have a great day!

The weather looks great for today.  Tank tops soon?


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