A very challenging weekend.

We both feel a little beat up this morning.

The Burbank CDI was a challenge from a lot of angles.  The training and work at home is going so well thanks to Shannon’s experienced, committed guiding hand.  We have all learned so much and now are in the process of putting it all together in the ring…up the work, expect the best and apply it under the scrutiny of international judges…Fred, William, Lance, and Lindsey are on a fast track to the next level this spring! 

Friday was lovely and sunny.  William was the first test and he surprized us all and didn’t need his normal half hour warm up.  He was ready to enter the ring with about 15 minutes in the warm up ring.  We walked him lots but he still was a little flat during the test.  FEI 6yr old Finale, 70.9%.  (There is a glitch with his mark in the office and we should have the official test Tuesday…thanks Jennifer!).  Fred was next and she made her way through a Fourth Level test in the indoor.  She got through it.  Tough venue, indoors.  She was obedient but tense and backed off.  Too bad her test wasn’t outside.  Then Lance, PSG.  He did great but had 4 mistakes in 4 important lines.  The quality is getting better and he is dealing with the higher expectations very well but it came a little too quick for him in the test and he made some mistakes.  Good boy…he tries so hard.  60%, 8th place.

Saturday the monsoons started.  The whole show was moved indoors.  The CDI horses first then the open show horses.  We decided not to ride in the Open Show (Fred and William) and battle the rain and cramped warmup.  So just Lance’s ride in the am.  He was good and had no mistakes but was not as forward as he would need to be in the indoor arena.  61.7%, 6th place.

We seemed to find a break in the rain to do the important things needed for yesterday…walking Lance to the warmup ring, hitching the trailer, loading the horses, driving back south along the coast.  We missed the “no rain window” when we arrived at Arroyo and unhitched in the sogginess.  We’ll unload the trailer today in the sunshine.

This was a tough show and we both are feeling the effects of a lot of work with small successess but we are tough competitors and are looking forward to the work ahead of us and our next show in Del Mar.

Headed to work Alex and Walker, walk Fred, Lance and William…gonna be good day!


The cheering squad arrives, coffee in handGail, Curtis, MJ and Bud.

William, FEI 6yr old, M. Routinier (France) judge

Fred, Fourth Level, indoors

Lance, ready for PSG

Overnight rain, clean wheelbarrow.

"What's with this rain!!!" (Fred)


"We're ready Linds." (Shannon, Vickie and Lance)


Lance and groom extrodinaire, Curtis.

Linds and Auntie Christine


Fred's fan club, Curtis and Christine.

Let's head out...Intermediare One

Lance, warm up indoors.

Lance, down centre line, Inter One.

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