Jog, vet inspection…check.

We had a very laid back day yesterday.  Schooled Lance in the CDI ring, dealt with the vet inspection for all 3, worked William in his competition ring, rode Fred in both indoor rings and then spit and polished Lance for the jog.  He jogged quietly and happily up and down and we got a thumbs up from all on the panel.  On to the CDI!

Today William’s ride (FEI 6yr old, Finale)  is at 8am, Fred (Fourth Level) at 9:03 and Lance (Prix St George CDI)  is at 11:09.  As Lance’s ride time is determined by draw after the jog, we waited to see if there would be a conflict with Fred’s ride at 9am…we lucked out and we have enough time to ride Fred and then plenty of time to get Lance ready, warm him up and ride at 11.  The weather is threatening rain, monsoons on Saturday, but today is just cold and windy.  The CDI will be moved indoors in case of rain, don’t know how they’ll handle the open show…a lot of rides to cram into the indoor.

Barb and Curtis arrived in the afternoon.  Great to have some extra hands to help out!  Uncle Bud, Gail and MJ joined us for dinner and will be here to cheer us on today.

Shannon will be here today.  She’s going to have a busy day as we get to show all three horses today.  She also is coaching another Canadian,  Ashleigh Luc-Tyson.  Ashleigh works out of Scottsdale in the winter and San Diego, with Shannon and Steffen, in the summer.

Time to get this show on the road!


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