Vet inspection and jog today.

Our Albertan trucks at Arroyo Del Mar.

I’ve driven many places, driving many vehicles…large motorcoach, small Bimmer and several sizes of horse trailers.  The drive yesterday from Del Mar to Burbank was a white knuckled 3 hours!  Bumper to bumper traffic for the most part and knowing that 99% of the drivers are totally oblivious to sharing the road with any sort of “farm vehicle”.  I was so glad to park our rig and unload the 3 horses!

We started the day very early and had 2 lessons with Shannon at Arroyo before heading out.  They all loaded well and we were on the road at 9am.  They travelled great and we unloaded (read…wrestled the tack box into the tack stall!!!) and met all our fellow Canadians in the CDI barn.  All the Canadians are stabled in one barn and with all the fervor in Vancouver, there are a lot of maple leaf flags and assorted Olympic Canadiana everywhere!  Almost feels homey!!!

The virus has settled down in the stable at home and everyone will be back at work next week.  Thanks Dr. Herbers!

Today the vet inspection starts at 10am and the jog is at 3pm.  We’ll ride everyone and add spit and polish to all the show tack.  Fred and William have early ride times on Friday am and then the CDI PSG will start at 9:30.  As the ride times for the PSG are determined by draw, we’ll have Lance’s ride time after the jog today.  The weather forecast is great for today so we’ll enjoy every minute of it!!! (they are calling for monsoons again for Saturday…ugh!!!)

Off to the show grounds…


William getting ready for LA show.

Lance, ready Burbank CDI.

Kim and I found a dry spot in the old "jumper ring" for a lesson. The girls had fun on the bank!

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