Crazy week…oh wait…it’s only Monday!!!!

My phone bill from yesterday is going to leave me in tears…virus in my barn, dealing with vets, a family medical issue…thank goodness I have a phone!!!

We are planning our week around the upcoming show.  We leave Wednesday am for Burbank with Lance, Fred and William.  This will be Lance’s second CDI here and the first show for Fred and William.  We are still waiting for confirmation on all their entries…don’t ask…ugh, we really need Shelagh Holmes in the show offices here in California.  Del Mar is about 2-3 hours south of Burbank so we’ll time our travel with the horses as best we can to avoid the heavy traffic on the I5.  Heavy traffic is a slow moving parking lot and frequent enough on all interstates in California. 

We can’t see the I15 from the motorcoach but we can sure hear it!  It gets a little quieter in the night but still is the underlying background noise for everything around here.  If the evenings ever warm up and we can open the windows; we’ll need ear plugs to sleep!

Rain yesterday and it’s still raining this am.  We worked in the covered arena.  Kim had a great lesson and the other 4 worked very well.  Light work out for Lance, Fred and William as they’ll be going all week and will have lessons with Shannon Mon, Tues, Wed.  Thursday at the show is the in barn vet inspection and the jog for Lance.

We’re not taking the motor coach to Burbank so will miss the rest of the Olympics from Canada. 😦  Hope CTV has great reruns next week!

It’s going to be very busy in the covered today…


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