Yeah CTV Olympic coverage!!!

Yesterday was an easy day around here.  Walked all the horses (no turnout as the paddocks were too wet from the overnight rain), worked Alex in the covered arena and cleaned some tack. 

Aleks and Neil drove in from Phoenix for a short visit.  Rosie played in the ocean and chased waves for the morning.  We joined them for lunch at a dog friendly cafe and guess what they wanted to do for the afternoon???…watch Olympics!!!!!  Yeah!!!!  Back to the motorcoach and hand over the remote…CTV and TSN, live and replays…Canadians in San Diego cheering and thoroughly enjoying the coverage from Vancouver!  Too bad Aleks and Neil couldn’t stay for Super Sunday hockey games today 😦

Friday was the start of a major virus going through my stable at home.  I am very thankful for my wonderful staff that are holding up the fort at home and dealing with all the many details needed to organize an outbreak like this.  This will be a very tiring week for them and I wish I had a teleporter that I could be at home and here each day. 

5 horses to work today…off to Arroyo Del Mar.


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