A day of ups and downs…but a good day.

We arrived at the show grounds found our time for Lance’s PSG test and then tackled the problem of ride times for Fred and William. 

It seems the show office received all three entries but the CDI people stapled Fred and William’s Open show entries to Lance’s entry.  They processed Lance’s but missed Fred and William’s.  Unfortunately they charged Lindsey credit card for all three.  They could not seem to find any times for us to show in the open show for Friday but found a time for Fred on Saturday morning.  The time slot would not work as Lance’s class was running at that time as well.  Sooooo…what to do…Fred and William will just school at this show and we’ll focus on Lance and the CDI.  Very disappointing to be here and not show all three horses.  This show committee needs the expertise of Shelagh Holmes!!!!  I guess this being the first CDI here there are bumps to be worked out but too bad we got 2 horses left out of the whole show!!  We were doing the zen thing and we just let go the frustration and focused on showing one horse!!!

Lance and Lindsey had a great warmup in the indoor CDI warmup ring with Shannon.  They headed down centre line and both did a great job.  61%, ninth place, Gunter and Steffen, first and second place, 69% and 68%.  I’m so proud of Linds and Lance, first show in 8 months and after all Lance’s issues in Decemeber…good job Linds, good boy Lance!

Today is Lance and his Intermediare One test at 9:38am.  We’ll finish up around noon so we’re going to head back to Del Mar early and maybe I’ll be able to get an early flight back home tomorrow instead of Monday!!  Gonna be another good day!!!


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One response to “A day of ups and downs…but a good day.

  1. Gorgeous horses! I really wish I could learn Dressage that well. You can read about my Dressage struggles on my blog or visit my YouTube channel and see all about my Dressage mare and the troubles I have with every horse I ride Dressage.
    I would really be taking your issues up with the show committee -it’s not your fault they couldn’t tell the difference between 1 sheet of paper and 3. Those other fees were paid, so those horses should have gotten to compete. I hope you at least got your money back.
    I’d be really steaming.

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