Jog done…on to the show.

Today is Day One of the show. 

We arrived Wednesday, unpacked, spent the day getting all the horses acclimatized to the show grounds.  Thursday we presented Lance to the FEI vet who inspected him in the barn in the morning. Later in the day, Lindsey walked and trotted him in front of a panel of inspectors (judges and vets).  The panel watches the horses move to assure themselves of the soundness of the horses to compete in the CDI the next day. 

After the jog, the show committee draws names to place the order of go for the rides in the CDI classes.  The PSG class (Lance’s class) will run from 9 to 11:30 am today.  At the end of the day yesterday we hadn’t yet heard the order of go yet so we’ll head to the show early and find the ride times posted at the show office. 

The show office seemed quite swamped all day and they hadn’t had time to work on the schedule for the Open show so we still don’t have times for Fred or William’s rides yet as well.  We’re just going to wing it today! 

Barb, watching Lindsey's lesson with Shannon.

Lindsey and Lance walking around the outdoor "Open Show" rings.

Lindsey and Lance in the indoor "CDI Show" ring.

Lindsey and Lance, ready for the jog.

William and Fred worked very well yesterday (Fred and Linds worked with Shannon just after lunch) and they are both ready to ride down centre line…if we can get ride times!!!!

It was a wonderful day yesterday and gonna be another today!


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