So show week eh???

Thanks to my son Greg, we got rid of the virus on my laptop.  Yeah Greg!!!!  It took a couple of hours but it’s up and running, full steam.  When we arrived at the stable yesterday we heard of 4 or 5 computers that were taken to the Geek Squad at Best Buy to fix the same virus problem.  All from the website for the Thermal show…ugh…who would spend the time to hack a dressage show website????!!!!  Craziness. 

Lindsey checked her email first thing in the am yesterday and there was an attachment from the show secretary with ride times for the National show at Thermal.  Yeah ride times…we can plan our days at Thermal…boo…William and Fred are nowhere to be found on the list.  We spent the day trying to track down someone to speak with to get this corrected.  Lance is in the CDI, we had received confirmation on his entry, so they must have Fred and William’s somewhere in the office…they came in the same envelope, same cheque.  Hopefully we can get this cleared up today.  I’m sure with their website difficulties, they must be swamped with questions! 

Horses all went well today.  And no rain!!!  Yeah!!!  No turnout yet as the paddocks are still too wet.  They might be able to get out today but I think it’ll just be a big hand walk day for Lance and William.  Fred will have a light stretchy ride, Kim and Walker will have a lesson and Alex will go to work (he gets better each day, yeah Alex). 

Lance and Linds schooling pirouettes with Shannon.


Schooling tempis with Shannon

William, playing in the big sand box...good boy!

Fingers crossed we get the Thermal entries sorted out today… 


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