Show week!!!

Yesterday they all worked well in the covered.  Shannon will be back today so they’re all ready for some Peters tuning this am.  Lance gave me a bit of a scare last week but has recovered and is feeling just fine!  Fred and William worked lightly this weekend and are on schedule for show week.

Ride everyone and lessons today.  

Tuesday is bath and hair dos (manes and tails).  First a  lesson with Kim and Walker, ride Alex and then a light ride on Fred.  We’ll also fully load the trailer with everything for the show but the horses.  Praying for no rain!!!

Wednesday we haul to Thermal.  About 3 hours or so over the mountains and into the desert.  Early morning lesson with Kim and Walker, ride Alex and we should be on the highway around 11am.  That timing should get us around the worst of the traffic here and into the desert.

Ava is 4 today (we had BDay cake last night!) so Kim, Ed, Emma and Ava are off to Sea World today.  I sure hope Ava gets to pet a dolphin, she’s got her heart set on it!  Happy Birthday Ava, hope you have a great day!

The weather looks great for today.  Tank tops soon?


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