Another rainy day.

No monsoons, just a light, warm rain…pleasant in a wet, frizzy haired way.

We worked all the horses in the covered arena yesterday.  They all were happy to get back to work and will need to work hard this week as the turnout pens are very wet.  We leave Wednesday for Thermal and our first show of the season.  It would be nice to get some test practice in the full ring but we’ll see what the footing feels like once the rain stops.  The tarp is on the upper ring so fingers crossed the rain stops today or tomorrow and we can come down centreline before heading to the desert.

We had a nice visit with Barb, Curtis and Archie.  They got to see Lance and Fred work in the covered arena in the early afternoon and then we headed to Jake’s Del Mar to watch the waves and a bit of lunch.  Ed and the girls joined us and we had a lovely time with great food ocean side.

Congrats to Steffen and Ravel!  First in the GP and second in the Freestyle.  A wonderful start to 2010.

Last night I clicked on the official site for the CDI in Thermal to check our ride times.  I guess their site has been hacked because my laptop now has a virus.  Incredibly frustrating…ugh.  I’m sure my laptop won’t be the only one infected as most people will be checking for ride times for the show in the next couple of days.  What a bother.  I’ll bring it along with me today and maybe we can find someone who can deal with it!!!!  Until then, Lindsey’s computer is mission central!

Still raining over night, maybe sun today!!!


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