Day off…

Rain was forecasted for yesterday starting after 10 am so we arrived early and hand walked everyone.  They all loved getting out but really wanted to be turned out not hand walked…Walker especially!  We prepared their feed for the day and planned the day for us.  Margaret (Shannon’s mom) told us of a wonderful bakery near the stable so we decided to check it out.  Lovely french bistro and bakery!  We had a great late breakfast and decided some retail therapy was next on the list.  It wasn’t raining yet so off to the Carlsbad Outlet mall.  We poked around there (still no rain) for the rest of the morning.

I had some concerns about Lance’s breathing Tuesday and Wednesday and he had stocked up behind for the last couple of days.  Kate had arranged we could meet the vet at the stable at 2pm.  Dr. Paul McClellan checked him out thoroughly and pulled some blood for testing.  Dr Paul thinks Lance had either  been battling a little viral infection or he aspirated shavings and dust when he cast himself last week and has now cleared everything.  We’ll ride him today and see how he feels.  His breathing is now normal and his hind fetlocks are tight as a drum…good boy…time to go back to work!

They all really enjoyed turn out yesterday…good thing ’cause it’s been raining all night so if they have gotten all this rain at Arroyo we won’t be turning out for a while!  Riding, I’m sure, will be in the covered arena today.

Barb, Curtis and Archie will arrive from Palm Desert around 11am.  It’ll be good to see them all again.  Hope the rain/snow doesn’t slow them up too much through the mountains.

We’ll be checking the computer for marks from the Dressage Masters from Florida.  The GP Special starts in the afternoon and the Freestyles at 7pm.  Go Steffen!  Go Ravel!

Commute home each day...parking lot I15 north.

Horses all healthy, good friends arrive today, the rain is not snow…gonna be a great day.


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