They hit the wall!!!

Yesterday’s rides were very, very slooooowwwww…they all (except for William!) were very tired.  The long truck ride, great lessons with Shannon and happy (read bucking!!!) turnout caught up with them yesterday.  William was the first ride and Linds had a great lesson with Shannon.  He was soft and focused and ready.  Then Lance…oh dear!  He did his best; the mind was willing, the body…not so much.  Today will be a walk day for Lance.

William, heading into his lesson after an early morning walk.

Lance, my very tired horse!

Lance, digging deeep!

Fred had a light stretchy ride in the covered.  She’ll take Lance’s place in the line up today!  Alex was very tired as well but worked well in the outdoor ring.  He’ll get a light ride today.  Walker was last on the list.  We tacked him up and Lindsey got on…he just stood there; no walking off, no head up looking around; just stood there…oh oh…today is a long walk day!

Kim, Ed and the girls arrived yesterday.  Yeah!!!  She’s going to have a great ride on Walker today.  With his long walk yesterday, he’ll be ready to show Kim all the stuff he’s learned in the last couple of weeks.  It’s gonna be a great day!!!


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