A light day of work.

Sunday was very foggy as we left the coach.  We punched Starbucks into the GPS and started out.  The fog lifted as we headed west and by the time we arrived at Arroyo it was totally gone…another beautiful day in Del Mar. 

The plan was to get a good ride in on Alex as the stable is very quiet on Sundays especially with both Steffen and Shannon away.  (Steffen is at the Masters in Florida…go Steffen and Ravel!!!! and Shannon was teaching a clinic in Colorado).  Alex was great and really went to work.  Walker went by the scary benches again and again…I think he’s getting it!  William was to have a very light work out but he decided he needed to work a little harder…he was full of beans and played around for about 15 minutes before he started to concentrate and go to work.  Lance and Fred had a light, stretchy workout…happy horses. 

We finished all five horses and then turned them out for their hour in the paddocks.  They can’t quite figure out why it’s warm and sunny and there is no grass anywhere in these paddocks!!!!  They dig around and chew sand and spit it out and look quite bewildered and then stand there looking bored.  Boy oh boy are they going to love their paddocks at home in April! 

On the pathway up to the upper ring.

Lance, Fred and Alex, boots on waiting to be turned out.

Lindsey babysitting the horses. Everyone settled down...don't take your boots off!!!

Our horses in turnout, tarps to cover the arena in the foreground.

Linds still babysitting. Only lost one bell boot...

Shannon leaves for the Masters on Wednesday so this should be a concentrated week.  We’ll need to run through some tests and get everyone’s brain on “show mode”.  We leave for Thermal next Wednesday…it’s show time!!! 


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