Monsoon Season

We didn’t really know about rain till this week…this is rain.

Little cars hydroplaning on the freeways, rivers of water running down streets carrying huge amounts of debris, huge dramatic waves up and down the coast…very interesting weather.  We walk around with our eyes wide open, checking for hazards left and right.

Yesterday’s lessons were amazing.  Fred got to work with Shannon in the am and she worked hard.  Big improvement in her overall way of carrying herself and then because of the improvement half halt to half halt, Fred had no option but to better cooperate with Linds.  Good riding, great coaching, super results.  Lance and Linds worked with Shannon after lunch.  He was quite tired so Linds had to be very accurate to get the job done.  Fine tuning the seat to hand aids made a huge difference in the all of the work.  Pirouettes, changes, half passes, straightness all improved.  Lance is really hoping we don’t pick him for lesson time with Shannon today.  Lance will get the day off (they all might be hand walked today by the sound of the rain out there all night!)  Walker and William walked the paths at Arroyo Del Mar and Alex was on the lunge line getting used to Linds’ legs on a newly clipped sides.  Walker, William and Alex met the new massage therapist, Lance and Fred will meet her on Friday.

 Don’t know what the stables will look like today.  It’s been raining all night..hard.  Kate (Peter’s barn manager extraordinaire) texted last night that they had to move the trailer because of flooding.  The covered arena is great and Kate has tarps up around the outside to keep out the driving rain but it sounds like the amount of water coming down just has no where to go anymore and everything is flooding.  The morning will be interesting.

No new photos as the covered arena is quite dark with tarps and grey skies…but here’s a special photo that arrived my inbox.  Carol is missing her horse…

Carol wishing she was riding Alex, Alex in California, Carol in Hawaii

I thought my hair was frizzy on Monday…today is a major hat day.



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2 responses to “Monsoon Season

  1. Dara

    Wow, I’am so excited for you guys!! I happened to find your blog as I was looking for some clinics. I Just can’t begin to say how pleased I am for the two of you and would love to catch up when you get home!! Wow wow wow Ravel, just love him! I’ll be praying that you stay safe and that the horses stay sound. God Bless Dara.

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