First Lessons with Shannon

From Lindsey…

Pinch me!!  I can’t believe we’re here!!

We had our first lessons with Shannon on Monday with Lance, Freddie and William.  All the horses were great and made good progress throughout the lessons.  Shannon gave us some good insights on where all the horses need to go in the work next.  Shannon has a thorough understanding the biomechanics of both the horse and rider which fits great with our program and thinking.  It will be an easy transition to ride with Shannon on a regular basis.  The quality of the horses and riders here is excellent which makes for a learning environment that we will be sure to grow as both coaches and riders.  

On Tuesday, Shannon had time for two lessons.  We chose the two boys, as the tarps were up to protect the covered ring from the rain and we thought it might be a bit much for Freddie to focus on the task at hand.  Steffen rode Ravel during my lesson on Lance so I had to work hard to stay out of the way and also to channel some of their excellence into our work.  The rain was fast approaching so we finished up at the barn early afternoon and went out for a late lunch.  We knew the ocean would be beautiful with the storms so we headed to Oceanside.  There is long pier and at the end is a quaint restaurant called “Ruby’s Diner”.  We enjoyed great diner food and a beautiful view.  The waves were so large that the restaurant was rocking on the pier.  I wouldn’t have lasted too long without some major motion sickness.  Great lunch…..unfortunately we forgot the camera to take pictures…

Tomorrow three of the horses will get worked on by one of Shannon and Steffen’s therapists.  It should be nice for them after the long journey to California and a couple good days of work to have some body work done.  The other two horses will meet the therapist on Friday.

We are having a great time so far.  Everyone at Arroyo Del Mar has been extremely welcoming and friendly.  I am so grateful for this opportunity!! 

From Vickie…

Thanks Linds for your thoughts on the last couple of days!  We have been taking notes each day and soon will put together some training insights on the blog. 

Farrier dates have been booked and his work looks great, Dan will be pleased when we get home.  No gimmicks just good technique and craftmanship.  Whew…one less big thing to worry about.

Gonna be an early day Wednesday…gotta stay ahead of the rain!


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