As I sit in the coach, listening to the rain quietly fall outside, I want to put together a big thank you to everyone at home who has made all this doable.

To my wonderful husband, Ivars, who through hard work and support over the past many years, has been 100% behind making the dream come true, a thank you is totally inadequate to express my gratitude.  My kids, who have been cheering us on from home, thank you!…miss you, yeah for Skype!  To all my clients that are dealing with only having several lessons each month…yeah “B” team, thanks for being so understanding!  To my great staff at home, I don’t have to worry about anything at home while down here, thanks to each of you!   To Lindsey BF Peter, a big thanks, without Peter driving the truck and trailer south, we would have a hard time moving horses around and would not have a reliable method of transport while here.  To Lindsey’s mom Barb, thank you for working out the schedule of your business to make room that your star employee could be away for 3 months.  To everyone sending good wishes, thank you, your support means a lot each day.

I know this is a soppy, dopey thought today but we really want everyone to know how much we appreciate what they have done to make this opportunity available for us…we are going to make the most of each day here. 

It’s raining and the forecast is for rain all week.  Lessons with Shannon and Lindsey today starting at 10:30 in the covered ring.  I’ve got my pen and paper ready for notes from Shannon.  We schooled in the covered ring yesterday as everyone was trenching and tarping in the top rings getting ready for the rain.  It was too hard to get any photos in the covered yesterday so I’ll try again today. 

Congrats again to Steffan and his USEF Equestrian of the Year Award…what a class act!

Steffan Peters, accepting his USEF Equestrian of Year Award, second year in a row.

 Well, off to find rain gear…

From the land of frizzy hair,



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5 responses to “Reflection

  1. Tracy Deschamps

    LOVE love love the updates……. I look forward to reading these… You are in dressage heaven.
    Vickie, where did you get Alex?

    Keep updating!

    Totally envious…

  2. carol

    Don’t worry, he gets it…and thanks, I really wanted that picture posted…

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