Everyone A-Okay!

Received this in my in box from Peter yesterday…

Report from Peter and Lindsey….We have finally made it to San Diego, only losing 24 hours with the breakdown (major work on the braking system in the truck), and we made it through the hold over in Vegas without losing more than 30 bucks in the slots. 

We got here (Arroyo Del Mar) just before noon.  It was 23 (celsius).  We are about 3 miles from the ‘highest mountain’ in the county with tons of trails just begging for me to ride tomorrow.  With the pavement so smooth here it is really a shame not to have my road bike here.  Hills everywhere, and each road has bike lanes…what a novel concept.  Bike stores were not real satisfying not really any deals worth bringing home.  Two more to try at tomorrow. 

The barn is ridiculously beautiful.  We are at the bottom of a deep valley, (that might have been a little nerve-racking coming down with the trailer  at least  I am done with that trailer driving until Easter.) 

The property can’t really be described unless you see it.  It is very large, with something like 65 horses being trained by four trainers.  For me it was sure a nice treat to see the ducks in the pond in January, along with the crickets chirping. 

Lindsey was trying very hard not to have stars in her eyes, when Ravel (Stefan’s champion horse) walked past her during the tour of the property.  But now that it is late at night we introduced ourselves and gave him a good scritch on the chin. 

Well, the horses are due to arrive any minute now (it is 7:40) and Lindsey is very, very anxious.  I guess I will go pace the barn with her until the hauler shows up. 

We pick Vickie up at the airport around lunch tomorrow.  Riding in the afternoon, for me at least. 


Thanks Peter!   You guys did a great job in getting the truck and trailer down here!  Thanks for being so observant and catching the brake issue early and organizing the repair!  Truck and trailer being here is a big part of the training plans for the spring, thanks again!

I arrived at noon yesterday.  In spite of the incident of my “laptop bag” deemed to be “not a laptop bag” by US security and in the process of loading in on the plane (empty of all contents) was then ripped to shreds by the loading belt.  I hear “the cheque is in the mail” from Westjet.  Not Westjet ‘s fault but they will replace it, thankfully!  Pleaded for a plastic bag from the Duty Free Shop so I could contain the contents of my bag on the flight…classy!

Anyway…we’re here!!!!  The horses look great.  We drove to the stable from the airport.  We get an hour, from 2:30 to 3:30 to turn them all out.  So boots on and out they went.  They all looked fabulous.  William is the most tired of all of them.  Being the youngest, it’s understandable.  It’s a big deal that they are all here together.  They all know each other very well.  Horses being herd animals, the fact that they can see and hear each other is very reassuring  for them and is less stressful overall.

Today is a riding day and thanks to Shannon’s input, organizing a new feed program for the next couple of months.  Peter is going to get out on his bike and I’ll bring along the camera so we can get some photos of the day.

Pinching myself…I’m not dreaming…we’re here!


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