A day on the beach, then a day at the movies.

Wednesday was a seaside experience…wonderful.

We started the day out at the Oceanside pier.

Oceanside Pier

We walked the beach and them had brunch at Ruby’s at the end of the pier, watched some fishermen casting into the sea and some whales playing (greys) in the surf.  Time to walk of the California (Avocado, Tomatoes, Spinach) Bennies.  We headed to Torrey Pines State Park to hike the hills.

The start of the hike up from the parking lot.

Beautiful scenery, great smells and the sound of the waves crashing about was amazing.  We hiked up to the top and then around the cliffs.  A steep climb down to the beach and then a walk back along the sand beach to the Vespa.

The hike up Torrey Pines.

The fog was rolling in and out.

Fog on the beach at Torrey Pines.

The sound of the waves breaking on the sand was glorious.

Waves, Torrey Pines Beach

Back at the parking lot, heading out on the Vespa.

Heading out from our hike at Torrey Pines.

Heading out from our hike at Torrey Pines.

Back at the coach, the sunset was a wonderful backdrop for a light dinner and planning for Thursday’s outing.

Sunset at the park.

Sunset at the park.

Thursday we found an IMAX theatre and experienced Avatar…unbelievable!!!!  This is a must see on anyone’s to do list!  The images stay with you like remembering a good dream.  The message was loud and clear and very memorable.  Even the glasses were easy to wear!!!

Headed to Coronado Beach and downtown San Diego today.  Might have to refill the Vespa!!???


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