We’re not in Kansas any more Toto.

Yesterday was very busy. 

In order to get to the RV repair shop, we had a very clandestine leaving of Motorcoach Country Club.  It was before sun up, so we backed out the site, no lights and warmed up the diesel just enough to get the air levels up and running.  We really had a great couple of days at the park and will definitely try to get back there in the future!

On the road again…

So many windmills!


The incredible wind farms west of Palm Springs.  I wonder what the cowboys look like that wrangle these big beasts…I wonder what they RIDE?!!!

We arrived at the RV repair shop, Temecula Valley RV, Murrieta CA, just as they opened.  Wonderful service!!  Seems the leak was a couple of fittings on the 1st hydraulic fan that needed to be tightened and cleaned up a bit.  We unloaded the Vespa and headed in for breakfast while they serviced the coach.  So nice to know that this facility is under an hour away if I need call them while we’re down here.  Great service, excellent technicians and they know Foretravel! 

We’re at the RV  park in Escondido (Sunland).  It really is quite nice but nothing like Indio (what park is!!!).  Parked the coach, unloaded the Vespa and headed to Del Mar and Shannon and Steffan’s Arroyo Del Mar stables.  It is very close to the RV park (20 minutes) and an easy drive.  The  stables, as expected, are wonderful.  Caught up briefly with Shannon; so good to see her again!  As Shannon was heading to the gym,  I met with Kate (barn manager for Peters) and had a tour of the barn.  We are going to have such a wonderful experience in Del Mar! 

7 days till the horses get here!  Ivars and I head back home on Monday.  I’ll load the horses Wednesday at 6am and Lindsey and Peter (leaving Alberta with the 4 horse on Monday) will be here to unload the horses on Thursday between 4-6pm.  It’ll be a nail biting couple of days till they all arrive safe and sound.  Lindsey and Peter know the truck and trailer well as they drove it home from Toronto last summer and Thompson Horse Transport (Langley) are experts at their jobs and will take very good care of everyone! 

Headed back to Escondido, had a great fresh halibut dinner and settled in the coach to catch up on details from home and plan for the days ahead.

Beach day today???!


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