On to California

We have spent the last 4 days hanging out in Scottsdale with all the kids.  Lots of family time, lots of memories, lots of smiles.

Relaxing evening with the family.

Now on to put together the next phase of our trip south.  We head to Indio today.  We’ll have a quick stop at Desert West Coach (we forgot to pick up our extra set of keys!!) and need to check out a coolant question for the trip ahead.  The coach is running wonderful and other than some minor issues to be adjusted we are set for the months ahead. 

Indio should be lovely.  I’ve booked a spot a Motorcoach Country Club (pure indulgence).  I think we’ll pull out the golf clubs and duff our way around a course or two.  The bikes will come out as well and I think we’ll head over to the show grounds and check out the layout for our first show.  (CDI Thermal, Feb) Ivars has put on the new side kickstand on the Vespa.  It’s not very stable to leave the scooter on it for a long time but at least I can tip the dang bike off the stand and get it going!  I’m going to practise maneuvering our bright yellow Vespa cutie over the next couple of days…hang on Ivars!!!   The day time temps are wonderfully warm and sunny and a little chilly once the sun goes down (bundle up on the Vespa for night time rides).

I had a bright idea yesterday (Ivars always cringes when he hears the words…”Hey Ivars, what do you think about this?”).  I would love to have my car in California…the 4 horse is going down and back empty (bring hay won’t work 😦 ) so my car would fit!!!!  Big problem in loading it as the trailer doesn’t have a back ramp (or door!!!).  Gonna take some big thinking to figure out this problem….Peter??????!

BMW in snow

Why I want to bring my car to California...poor baby.


Next post from Indio..


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One response to “On to California

  1. peter

    let me work on it tomorrow night…but that’s a tight corner without the rear doors…you better buy another trailer

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