Departing Phoenix arriving at coldest place in North American…call me crazy!!!

We have had the best week.  Golf, hot tub, great company, wonderful food. 

The coach is running very well and just needs some tweaking on the slide.  We dropped it off at Desert West and they can have it for the next couple of weeks.  Desert West is a wonderful RV repair company in Phoenix.  They really know their stuff and take great care of us and our Foretravel!  It really is quite the experience to drive a 40 ft coach into their yard and have it be one of the smaller coaches!  Lots and lots of “rock star” buses and our cute little ‘ol coach!

Aleks and Neil have their Christmas decorations up and are just about ready for all of us arriving  there for the holidays.  Neil is busy finishing the remodel on the master bath and Aleks is finishing up all her Christmas sewing projects.  Aleks and I put together a wonderful wreath for the front door all from greens from the front garden.  Amazing.  It’s going to be great to celebrate some of the holidays in Scottsdale with all the kids.  Greg will be here Christmas Day; Kirsten, Andrew and Mack on Boxing Day and Ivars and I arrive December 30.  We’ll all have a couple of days together, the kids will then head back to Edmonton and Ivars and I head to California.  We’ll golf a little on the way, enjoy a bit of San Diego and get the coach set up in Escondido.  Escondido will be home away from home for Lindsey and I till April, 11 miles to Shannon and Steffan’s stable and close enough to the beach.

We’ve ordered a single legged kickstand for the Vespa.  The double legged kickstand is very stable but I’m too short to tip it off the kickstand and get off and running by myself.  I’m hoping the single legged kickstand will make the scooter more manageable for me!  Ivars will install in when we’re back in Phoenix and I can test drive it over the holidays.

So now we’re sitting in the Phoenix airport bracing ourselves for the flight back to minus 35 and to trying to start the car at  at 1:30 am in the cold….

Ivars "On Course" in Phoenix

Neil and Ivars buffing up the old girl, a chilly day in Scottsdale.

Aleks adding Christmas lights and bows.

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