Oh my goodness…winter arrived…brrrrrrr!

The snow has a distinctive crunch at minus 30.  The walk across the yard to the stable is an all senses experiences at these temperatures.  The sound of the snow under foot, the feel of the extreme cold air in your lungs, and the heavy cold on your face and freezing your eyelashes.  Then the welcoming warmth of the stable and the soft greeting of nickering, hungry horses.  A great way to start the day!

For the last several days, everyone got turned out for an hour or so, we quickly cleaned the barn and then settled them all back into their stalls.  Looks like the rest of the week will be the same turnout schedule.  The arena is warm to ride and I can teach all day as long as I can hug a mug of hot tea for warmth! 

The horses are all going great.  Lance is really getting the 2 Ps (passage, piaffe).  Next to put together are 15 one tempis.  Fred is really enjoying tempis and we’ll introduce her to 2 tempis soon.  William is figuring out tempis quite nicely and left half pass is not so scary any more!

So all this talk about winter…Ivars and I leave for Phoenix today…ahhhh golf.  Lindsey and Peter take over the farm while we’re away.  They are both trying to figure out how we plan our trips to coincide with extreme winter weather patterns!  We’ll be back on Sunday, refreshed and ready to finish off the rest of December!

December 28 (Monday) is our Open House and Christmas party.  So if you are interested in meeting and feeding a carrot or 2 to our horses, drop by for cookies and refreshments.  2-4 pm.  Lindsey will be doing demos on Lance, Fred and William during the afternoon.  This is our send-off event to California as the horses get on the truck January 13.

Off to a hot shower before tackling minus 35….


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