Around the farm..

This week has been very busy.

Wednesday I had dental surgery…extracting, bone graph, an appliance.  Everything went well and I’m very thankful to be pain free.  The infection is gone and everything should settle down and repair nicely.  I’m left with being light headed and dizzy but I’m sure that’ll pass in the next couple of days.  It’s very hard to sit and “do nothing”.  I’m practising pacing myself and getting the most out of each day!

The horses all look amazing.  The work is so much fun and is so rewarding.  Lindsey has found a new level in her riding and the horses are responding in kind!  Lance is looking more and more like a Grand Prix horse, Fred is changing shape and blossoming into an elegant PSG/Inter 1 mare and our baby stallion William has surprized us all and is turbo charged his work…hard to see where his feet hit the ground!

Alex is back in the swing of full work, Marilyn and Jen have Tara up and looking great, Odin is doing his job and Barb is on a steep learning curve with him.  Billie is benefiting from Barb’s rides on Grace and Grace is enjoying her job as schoolmistress for Barb and Melissa.  The ponies are having a blast with the little girls…there is lots of giggling and singing coming from the arena as they ride.

Ivars and Greg set up panels in the front paddocks.  The paddocks are now 1/3 the area and the horses can’t burn around.  We do this so as the footing gets icy there is less of a chance of somebody slipping as they gallop away when turned out in the morning.  They all hate it!  “Paddocks are too small and the favorite spot for watching the world go by is on the other side of the panels, stomp, stomp!!”  Fred went out and walked about then stood at her gate waiting for Katie to bring her in.

We’re putting together Flying Colours Christmas Open House, December 28 (Monday), 1 -4.  Wine and cheese, demonstrations, a fun afternoon.  Details to follow soon


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