Clipping horses again!!!!!!

After clipping the crew last month we thought we’d be good till at least California but noooooooooooooo!  What do they know about the weather forecast for this winter????  Lance got his second clipping yesterday and the others will follow later this week.  I can’t think of another year we clipped twice.  Maybe ’cause last winter was so cold?  We turnout every day, sometimes for just an hour or so, but they go for a little walk each day in their paddocks all bundled up in their multi layered winter duds.  Except if it is -30.  Most years there have been 2-3 days they stayed indoors.  Last year they stayed in 10 days.  So maybe they all figured we’re going to have the same forecast for winter 2010?  Boy are they going to be pleasantly surprized about California!!!

All the plans are ticking along.  The only glitch may be trying to bring a load of hay down with us.  Sounds like a lot of hoops to jump through to cross the border.  Lance and William are best on a very low carb diet and the hay in California has quite a high sugar content in it as they have had a drought for several years.  It seems to be a big quest to find low sugared hay so I thought we’ll just bring down enough for them all for the duration of our stay.   Lindsey has taken on the task of trying to fill out the right forms and talk to the right officials.  Might be easier to buy a load of hay on the trip down, Idaho or Utah?

The farm is looking so beautiful.  Everything has a light dusting of snow…the light just bounces off all the fields, gorgeous.  Easy to take winter like this!

First lesson at 8 so up and at ’em!!


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