And William test drives his double bridle for the first time…

I guess I have to quit calling William “Baby William”.  He has officially graduated to his double bridle.  I found a teeny, tiny curb bit in Scottsdale last week and it seems to fit the bill exactly.   He wasn’t too sure about the whole thing but in his normal way of tackling the world, he did his best and then some.  He was in his snaffle today and we’ll put him back in the double next week for a couple of days.  So “Baby William” is now a big boy (he’s almost 6!) and really is Will.I.Am.

Lance and Fred’s work are right on track.  Lance is ready for his debut in front of the team coach Dec 2/3.  I’ll be ready to take copious notes!  (Still keeping my fingers crossed for good weather to haul down and back to Airdrie.)

It’s been a good week, they’re all going well.  I am very grateful.


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