Today is Bike Day.

We have our bikes here and have used them regularly.  I haven’t ridden for years and am really enjoying get back at it!  (my butt even seems to remember the right place to sit!)  On our ride yesterday (we can ride for about an hour, have breakfast and ride back, yum, this trip is really all about the food!) I didn’t like the feel of my pedals, older toe clips, my foot slipping every so often…so lets upgrade the pedals.

Aleks and I headed to a bike shop (Ivars is on course in Scottsdale each day till Thursday).  I thought, better pedals (grippier maybe).  The pedals in stock were not great quality so how about shoes and clips?  Makes good sense, more efficient pedaling.  Ok so today…install the new pedals and see if I can figure out how to release my foot in my shoe from the clips on the pedals!!  Looks simple, may be more difficult in execution!  I feel a road rash coming on.

Off to open the tool box and tinker with my bike…


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2 responses to “Today is Bike Day.

  1. peter

    uh – oh!!! there is definitely some knee skin leaving your leg!.

    Just when you get comfortable with getting in and out, you will stop thinking about it every second and decide to stop at a light. then panic sets in as you smack your face in to the signpost on your way down. Its a badge of honour. Just remember heel out!!!!

    What pedals did you buy? i am SO jealous of your ability to ride in November!!!

    • Shimano pedals 540?. They feel really good and I’ve loosened off the releases for the cleats to as far as they will go! I’m sure I’m going to hit the pavement several times (I’ve done it in my toe clips!). They feel great for riding though…I love them.
      Think California in January!! Some great rides ahead!

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