We’re connected!!!


Slowly but surely we’re getting everything ready for the trip to California. 

Ivars and I found the “no snow” window for travelling south.  The coach is now in Phoenix.  The trip down was very uneventful (thankfully!!!).  Spent a couple of days in Vegas (the weather was lovely) spent hours on the Vespa touring the area and we ate soooo well.  Found the name of several restaurants off the strip that the locals love and we enjoyed some of the best meals we have had in years!  Rosemary’s (amazing food, great wines, Sundays…1/2 off wine list, Wednesdays…ladies eat 1/2 off, reservations needed), Firefly (near the strip, great tapas, good beer), Todd’s Unique Dining (interesting meal, good beer).  On the Vespa we headed to the Red Rock park, got some good photos and each night enjoyed the hot tub at the RV park.  Did I mention the weather was so lovely…warm, sunny and lovely…

Day 3 forecast windy, rain and cold.  Load the Vespa on the back of the coach we’re on the road.  The trip to Phoenix was beautiful and the coach was a breeze to drive despite the high winds.  I love this coach (Foretravel U320), easy to drive and so comfortable.  The new headlights work great!

Phoenix was cold (12/14, I guess t’s relative?!) so we decided to head to Desert West to fine tune some of the details on the coach (slide bladder compressor, slide mechanics and a little glitch with the chairs).  Once again Desert West did an amazing job with all the details.  We still have some tweaking to do with the slide but we can tackle that next trip down.  At home we had removed the carpet and installed cork flooring, wonderful feel underfoot and looks great.  The slide needs some fine tuning to work over the cork but we’ll live in it for a while and then have Desert West take another look at it in December.

It’s been great to see the kids again.  This has been the longest time we have gone without seeing them since they moved to Phoenix.  Once the coach was ready we headed to Viewpoint and set up.  Love that the park is so empty!  (We’re in the hot tub each night just the two of us…almost like home!)  Neil has generously lent us his car so we dropped off the Vespa for a tune up.  Spent the day in the desert hiking with the kids and Rosey.  So funny to see the “desert” dog find and discover a stream!  She’ll have to have her cousin, Buster show her the fine details about water play!!!  Last night was pizza and photo viewing in Scottsdale!  We spent the evening (with trick or treaters as well) going through some of the photos from Neil and Aleks’ trip to Egypt and Paris.  Tonight we’ll see the rest of them.  Such a trip!!

I now have  an American air card so will be connected for our trip to California.  Lindsey is at home working 3 jobs (mine and her regular 2) so that we can get this phase of “on the road to California” under way.  Thank you so much to Lindsey and Peter and Lindsey’s wonderful boss,  Barb!

Step one for “On the Road to California” started and progressing well!


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