On the road today!!!

Okay…the coach is ready for our trek south…new Euro headlight conversion (whoa…I can see the highway…gonna make night driving sooo much easier!!).  Replaced all the carpeting with cork flooring (warm, comfortable to walk on, easier to care for)…looks fabulous!   Gonna be so much easier at horse shows!!!

Thanks to Steve and Tanya and everyone at Alberta Coach for their wonderful work and expertise.  They take the term “full service” very seriously and have gone above and beyond our expectations.  Thank you!!!

We’re both working this am (full morning, all horses on the schedule this am) and will be on the road early afternoon.  Heading south, Las Vegas for a couple of days (wash the coach) and then to Phoenix.  Visit the kids, golf and relaxing in the sun.  So looking forward to the drive south, the views are spectacular, good roads and great company.

The coach will head to California early January, just ahead of the horses.

I repeat…wooo whoooo…on the road today.

Photos to follow (I’ll need to get internet up and running once we get to the States).


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