Christophe Hess, Monday/Tuesday

We’ll ramping up for the Hess Clinic with William in Red Deer tomorrow and Tuesday. 

 I’m sitting here listening to the rain gently falling outside and hoping it doesn’t freeze up for hauling William tomorrow.  We have had such a strange October this year…leaves still on the trees and several inches of snow on the ground.  And now rain and plus 15C yesterday.  I hope the grass doesn’t start sprouting!  Oh well, keeping my fingers crossed the highways will be dry and easy driving tomorrow am.  H. Hess should be a great clinic.  He is a super judge…great comments, very good eye and understands the young horse development thoroughly (he wrote the tests!).  Willliam is ready and has recovered almost completely from colic surgery in July.  (I haven’t turned him out yet.  He likes to run and buck and play hard in his pen each morning so I think we can start him on turnout later.)  It should be a fun couple of days, filled with lots of learning and new understandings!

Ivars and I are planning to take the motorcoach to Phoenix on Friday…I say planning ’cause it’s still in Edmonton getting the details finished on the the remodel projects.  New cork flooring (much better than carpet for horse shows!) and new European headlights (for better night driving).  The coach will be our home away from home again while we’re in California Jan to April so getting everything tip top before we head south is important.

Well…off to start the day…in the rain…oh the muddy rainsheets…lovely!!!


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